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2011 Open & College & Masters Results (Penn, Drake, Ohio, and others)



USATF Convention– Dec. 2010

The Shuttle Hurdle Relay was officially recognized as a standard
Masters Track and Field event for the Masters Track & Field National
Outdoor Championships in 2011 and beyond. In 2011 the event will
no longer be an exhibition, and will be eligible for medals and potential
American Records
(must comply with Masters Relay rules). .

2011 rules book:  http://www.usatf.org/about/rules/2011/2011rules.pdf


Shuttle Hurdle Relay, Sacramento, Calif – July 2010

Shuttle Hurdle Relay July 25, 2010 Results: The event was held at Hornet Stadium in
Sacramento, Calif. during the Masters National Outdoor Track & Field Championships

The first ever Woman’s 40-49 Shuttle Hurdle Relay: The winning team consisted of
Karen Maxwell, Barbara LaVallee, Joy Upshaw-Margerum, and BJ Freeman in a time of 
58.10 (hence a new “best time” for W40-49). BJ Freeman being the first Canadian to
compete in a Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relay.

The Men’s 60-69 Shuttle Hurdle Relay: The team consisted of Lawrence Nolly,
Eric Hill, Ozzie Binion, and Bob Osterhoudt.

The Men’s 50-59 Shuttle Hurdle Relay: The winning team consisted of
Mark Williamson, Steve Cummings, Darnell Gatling, and Peter Grimes in a time of
1:01.53 a new “best time” for M50-59. The second place team of Andrew Hecker,
Robert McDaniels, James Roberson, and Luis Huarcaya. Luis (Lucho)Huarcaya being
the first born in Peru to compete in a Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relay.

The Men’s 40-49 Shuttle Hurdle Relay: The winning team in 1:06.40 
a new  “best time” for M40-49. The M40-49 teams consisted of:

Team A: Henry Andrade, Don Drummond, Daniel LaVallee, and Kerry Sloan.

Team B: Derek Pye, Lee Faulkner, James Smith, and Dexter McCloud.

Daniel & Barbara LaVallee being the first husband & wife competing in a Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relay.
Hopefully in the future their father will join in the fun as well.

Congratulations to all of the athletes that competed in the event.

I would like to express my gratitude to all of those that helped make this a success.
To the many athletes and officials not mentioned above (there were many) that helped
contributed to make this a success.

Unfortunately this year’s Men’s 70-79 and Woman's 50-59 teams had to be cancelled
due to injuries.

2010 Pictures and more information are available at:
”Shuttle Hurdle Relay” on Facebook.

2010 Video can be found on “Super Fit Challenge.”





Videos: Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relays:
Video of the 2009 W70-79 race:  wmv-version or flv-version

Video of the 2009 M60-69 race:  wmv-version or flv-version

Video of the 2009 M50-59 race:  wmv-version or flv-version

Video of the 2009 M50-59 race (thank you to the Brower family)
Additional 2009 Videos will be available in the future

See the M50 & M40 Web-cast of the 2007 Shuttle Hurdle Relay by visiting the USATF

website at: http://usatfmasters.sportnet.com/index.php?stream=08_05

Fast forward to 7:28 of 7:42 (over 7 hours of tape).

Additional M40 video from 2007  (thank you to the Jones family)


M45 Video from 2006   (thank you to the Brower family)


Three Races:  2009 Shuttle Hurdle Relay at the
Masters National Outdoor Championships, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
The following includes the order of the athletes:

W70-79 team:   4 x 80 Meter (27” H)   winning time of 1:14.92
       Barbara Jordan, (2) Flo Meiler, (3) Christel Donley, (4) Becky Sisley
       Becky Sisley’s anchor leg was apprx. 17.2


M60-69 team:  4 x 100 Meter (33” H)   winning time of 1:13.14
       Robert Baker, (2) Ivan Black, (3) Randall Olson, (4) Ozzie Binion
        Ozzie Binion’s anchor leg
was apprx. 17.1
        M60-69 Alternate:  Michael Burns.


M50-59 teams: 4 x 100 Meter (36” H) winning time of 1:09.32

(1)   Ernie Snodgrass, (2) Eugene Anton, (3) Leee X, (4) Jeff Brower
Jeff Brower came from behind and past Boehr for the victory,
Jeff Brower’s anchor leg was apprx. 14.9  and and
(1) Thad Wilson, (2) James Broun, (3) Robert McDaniels, (4) Doug Boehr


2009 provided the first W70-79 and M60-69 teams to complete a
Masters Shuttle Hurdle race.  
The three races included athletes from
14 different states.

Thank you to the Games Committee, Officials, Michael Jones Sr. & Jr.,
and Stone family for their support during the shuttle hurdle relay in Wisconsin.


Thank you to the Stone Family for the following 2009 picture

Back: E. Anton, M. Jones Sr., J. Brower, R. McDaniels, D. Boehr;
2nd Row: I. Black, J. Davison, J. Broun, L. X;
3rd Row: T. Wilson, O. Binion
Front: E. Snodgrass, F. Meiler, B. Jordan, B. Sisley, and C. Donley. 


For Older Specifications, Rules and Regulations click here

The Newer Specifications, Rules, and Regulations can be found on USATF.


History of Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relays

July 12, 2009 Masters National Outdoor Championships, Oshkosh, Wisconsin

{More details above}

August 5, 2007 Masters National Outdoor Championships, Orono, Maine
{More details below}

April 22, 2006 in Mesa, Arizona in a time of 1:12.30
          4 x 110 Meter Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relay M40-49 (39” H) 
          Details at:  

One Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relay from the late 1990’s or early 2000’s on the east coast
(I believe this was a M50 race, Note: Mike Milove and Ivan Black reported this race). 

       (The following four results are as reported in past National Masters News results):

April 29, 1984 North College Relay Championships, Cleveland Heights, Ohio:

            M30-39 Over The Hill 1:10.16   sorry distance, heights and names not mentioned.

May 17, 1980 Striders Relay, Cal State Northridge:  Corona Del Mar Track Club 39.0 
           (Dave Jackson, Hugh Adams, Ray Fitzhugh and Larry Sallinger)
           Sorry no distance or height listed.  It is assumed that this was a 4 x 60 relay.

May 19, 1979 Striders Relay, Cal Poly Pomona:  Corona Del Mar Track Club 36.0 

           Sorry no distance, age, height, or names listed.  It is assumed that this was a 4 x 60 relay.

May 20, 1978 Striders Relay, Cal Poly Pomona:. 
          This was a 4 x 60 Meter =  240 Meter Total relay.  Sorry no height, ages, or names listed.
          Corona Del Mar Track Club 35.3 and Striders at 36.0
Masters Meet in Maine August 2007 – Shuttle Hurdle Relay participants.

For an Enlarged view of the 2007 participants:  


History Made by Team Effort:  2007 Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relay:


A team effort helped make the August 5, 2007 Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relay in Orono,
a success.  This is the first time this event has been included with the National
Outdoor Track & Field Championships.  I would like to thank the relay teams, the
alternates that were available, those that were injured that gave support to the event, the
officials, the Games Committee, the hurdle crew, Doctor Ivan Black (one of the alternates)
that helped patch-up one of the wounded hurdlers, pictures taken by the Stone family, and
the encouragement of M60-69 hurdlers Bob Osterhoudt& Robert Baker.   A total of five
teams completed the relay. 

What is a Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relay?  Each relay team has four hurdlers plus one or

two alternates.  Each team competes in two lanes, one lane “up” and the other lane “back.” 
The hurdles for “up” are set facing the correct direction, with the same spacing and
height as the high hurdle race for the age-bracket.  The hurdles for “back” are set facing
the correct direction, with the same spacing and height as the high hurdle race for the
age-bracket.  Lanes 1, 4 & 7 were setup for “up.” Lanes 2, 5 & 8 were set for “back.”
Lanes 3 & 6 were left open.  The teams start and finish at the “finish line.”  Typically
only a total team time is available for the race (splits are typically not tracked).  Hurdle

crews are needed to make sure accurate heights and spacings are used, and to reset any
hurdles that are moved / banged during the competition. 
The 2007 results follow:


M50-59     4 x 100 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay (36” H): 
Stanley Druckrey of Team A took the lead at the first leg and Team A never gave
up the lead.  Team C and Team Shore AC traded places several times making for a very
exciting race.

1st Team A: Stanley Druckrey; Russell Jacquet-Acea; Robert Zahn; and James Broun   



2nd Team C: Bill Phillips; Joseph Kammer; Bill Pontius; and Ozzie Binion 



3rd Shore Athletic Club of New Jersey: Al Cestero; Rick Lapp; David Friedman; and

    Philip Bujalski     1:20.38    (Shore Athletic Club – M50-59 club record)


M50-59 Alternates & injured:  Ivan Black, Robert McDaniel, William Murray,

    Tony Plaster and Parker White.


M40-49    4 x 110 Meter Shuttle Hurdle Relay (39” H): 

Team B and Team D traded the lead several times, with Robert Stanley of

Team B  running a strong last leg to take the win.


1st Team B: Timothy Mcmahon; Jeff Brower; James Smith; and Robert Stanley  



2nd Team D: Michael Jones; Kerry Sloan; Jeffery Davison; and Frank Santora  



M40-49 Alternates & injured: David Ashford, Eugene Anton, and Gail Sterling.


The twenty hurdlers that competed in the Shuttle Hurdle Relay were from ten different
states and several were past & present gold medal winner at the Masters National


Why are alternates required for the relay?  Injuries and schedule conflicts are

common during a Masters Track & Field meet.  This event survived injuries to
five athletes that had originally planned to compete in the Shuttle Hurdle Relay. 
Alternates are typically assigned to a particular team, but due to the amount of
potential injuries and schedule conflicts maybe a pool of alternates might be
another possible solution to make sure there are four hurdlers per team when the
gun goes off.


Why was the event run? Hurdlers rarely have an opportunity to run a four person
relay with hurdles.  Most hurdlers shared stories of running them in high school or
college but not since. 

August 2007 Open Meet in Sweden:

Obtained the following information via an August 11, 2007 email

fromPresschief DN Galan” for their August 2007 meet:    “Hi Jeff,

Yes we did have the shuttle relay and it was very well received by

the spectators - 15 319! USA with Ron Bramlett, Anwar Moore, David

Payne and Aries Merritt won in 53,36. Sweden, (Dennis Acson, Robert

Kronberg, Rafael Askros, Joachim Blaschke was second, (57,03) and

Finland, (Markus Vilen, Juha Sonck, Jyri Linden, Joona-Ville Heinä)

third with 57,26. I think we may have it again next year! . . . .”


Masters Shuttle Hurdle Relay

















4 x 100 M (33")








4 x 80 M (30")








4 x 80 M (30")







W60 +

4 x 80 M (27")

















4 x 110 M (39")








4 x 110 M (39")








4 x 100 M (36")








4 x 100 M (33")








4 x 80 M (30")







M80 +

4 x 80 M (27")







Accumulative Masters Hurdle Spacing
The following link includes accumulative spacing in between the start line,
to each hurdle, and to the finish lines for all of the masters hurdle events:
or as an Excel file:

Additional information at: