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Spray Tray Deaerators and Spray Scrubber Deaerators assist with reducing oxygen
(and carbon dioxide) levels in boiler feedwater.  Typically they are manufactured
as carbon steel pressure vessel with stainless steel internals (trays or packing, spray nozzles,
vent condenser, and tray enclosure).  Deaerator external accessories typically include pumps,
valves, piping, safety valve, vent valve, vacuum breaker, overflow valve, pressure gauge,
thermometer, chemical quill, anodes, strainer, level control, pressure control, flow control,
temperature control, oxygen analyzer, PRVs, blowdown & flash tank, exhaust head,
sample cooler, pre-treatment (such as softener), and other components.

These units can be referred to as Thermal (Steam) Deaerators as well.  In the future more
information on Gas Stripping Deaerators and Vacuum Stripping Deaerators will be included.


A proper Chemical feed system is a valuable component for improving the system.


Post Weld Heat Treatment, Corrosion Allowance, and the amount of Non Destructive Testing
(XRAY, Dye Penetration, Ultrasonic, etc.) are dependant on ASME Code requirements or the
Customer’s specific requirements.  HEI has recommendations as well.


Sizing deaerator units require information on the flows, temperatures, and pressure ratings of the
makeup water, condensate, and steam sources.


Other related organizations:    ANSI    ASME   HEI    NACE



ABB: - - -


Altair (PA):


American Water Softener (Envirex):  see Siemens / US Filter


APV (SPX) (Vacuum type for food industry):


ASC: - - -


Belco:  no longer

BOC Edwards (Israel):

BFS Industries (NC):


Bono Artes (Artes Ingegnerai) (International):

Bryan Steam / Bryan Boilers:


CalFilco (California Filter Co.) (CA): – see Siemens / US Filter


Cleaver Brooks:


Crane Cochrane (Crane Environmental):


Chicago Heater – see Crane Cochrane


Deaerator Designs (Precision Boiler) (TN):



Degremont & Anderson (Ondeo Degremont): 

Di Sep (Smith & Loveless):  - - -


Dixon Boiler (Calif).:   - - -



Edwards [stripping towers] (MA and International) :


Elliott – no longer:   See for spare parts:


En-Fab (TX):  (Vacuum type):


Enpro (NJ):


Envirex:  see Siemens / US Filter


Eurowater (Denmark):

Fluid Technologies (formerly Delta Water Treating Systems)(Serck Baker) (Texas):




Gestra Steam Systems (Flow Serve) (Germany):


GK Moss (AL):


GMS (International):




Great Lakes:  - - -


HOH (Texas) – see ITS Water Solutions


Hoppes (Ohio):   See Bryan Steam


Hurst Boiler (GA):


Indeck Power:


Industrial Steam:


ITS Water Solutions (Texas):


Kansas City Deaerator Company (Kansas):


Karrasch & Eckert (Germany):


Kewanee: ceased in 2002


L*A Water Treatment (L*A Water Conditioning):– see Siemens / US Filter

Lockwood (GA):


Miura Boiler (GA & Japan):


NATCO (Cameron):  Gas Stripping & Vacuum Stripping Deaerators:

Parker Boiler (Calif.):


Permutit – see Siemens / US Filter


PMI:  no longer


Power Plant Equipment (KS):


Roth Pump Co.:


Schaub Engineering:  -no longer-


Sellers Engineering (KY):

Shipco (PA):



South Gate (CA) (Vacuum type):




Stickle Steam Specialties:



Superior Boiler (KS):

Tate (MD):

Termochimica Impianti srl  (Italy):

Thermaflo Engineering:

US Deaerator Company (Kansas):

Worthington:  no longer.


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