180 Yard Low Hurdles Return to California



Front: Andy Hecker, Warren Graff, Thad Wilson, Vance Jacobson.

Back: Jeff Davison, BJ Duhon, Chip Crowl, Kym Taylor, Bill Knocke,
Steve Cummings and starter Beverly Lewis.    Not shown:  Joseph Ols.



180 Yard Low Hurdles Return to California


Oct.3, 2009 Club West Meet held at U.C. Santa Barbara.


Club West holds a meet every October for open and Masters athletes; And as typical,
we were treated to great weather conditions. This year’s meet had many great highlights
– including two heats of the180 yard low hurdles. 

The 180 yard low hurdles are set up 30” tall and spaced every 20 yards apart.  Hurdlers
came from Northern Calif., San Diego and the farthest from the east coast.   Athletes
ranged from a Masters world champion to another athlete’s first time competing in a
hurdle race.  Some hurdlers have not competed in the180s since the 1960’s or 1970’s
and some had never participated in a 180 yard low hurdle race.  Thad Wilson and BJ
Duhon both improved upon the existing Masters “best” mark for the 180s.  

Results are listed below:


Heat One (Woman):  1st  Kym Taylor (W46) 33.9;

Heat One (Men):  Joseph Ols (M45) 26.7, Warren Graff (M64) 28.2, Vance Jacobson
(M61) 30.0, and Bill Knocke (M69);


Heat Two (Men): 1st Thad Wilson (M58) 22.7, BJ Duhon (M51) 22.8, Steve Cummings
(M53) 23.9,
Chip Crowl (M54) 27.1, Andy Hecker (M54) 28.5, and Jeff Davison (M51)


Starter: Beverley Lewis.   


I would like to thank Andy and Warren for all of their assistance beforehand.



More Club West meet pics from Oct. 3, 2009 [click here]

History of Masters Athletes competing in the 180 yard low hurdles can be
found at http://www.woodhurdles.com/180YardLowHurdles/1.html

And in the future at http://www.mastershistory.org/180/1.html

Host of the meet:  Club West:   http://www.clubwesttrack.org/